Amicus family tree

This page shows the origins of the Amicus in the form of a family tree. Click the image to see a larger version, or download it in PDF format using the link below.

Family trees are shown for Amicus’s immediate “ancestor” unions, and for constituent bodies including the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union, the print unions GPMU and NGA, MSF, UNIFI and the Union of Textile Workers.

In 2007, Amicus and the Transport and General Workers Union merged to form Unite the Union.

Amicus family tree – PDF

Amicus family tree
Amicus – immediate ancestors
Amalgamated Electrical and Engineering Union (part 1)
Amalgamated Electrical and Engineering Union (part 1)
AEEU family tree part 2
Amalgamated Electrical and Engineering Union (part 2)
AEEU electrical and plumbing family tree
Amalgamated Elecrical and Engineering Union (electrical and plumbing) family tree
GPMU SOGAT family tree
General Print and Media Union / Society of Graphical and Allied Trades
MSF ASTMS family tree
MSF – Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union
MSF TASS family tree
Manufacturing Science and Finance TASS
NGA family tree
National Graphical Association
UNIFI family tree
UNIFI – finance unions
Union of Textile Workers family tree
Union of Textile Workers