This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter C. Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.Watch Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

COHSE journal

Confederation of Health Service Employees magazine.

Caerphilly Miners Association
Caithness Farm Servants and Ploughmen’s Association
Calico Glazers Society
Calico Print Workers Trade Union
Calverton Hand Framework Knitters Union
Cambrian Miners Association
Cannock Chase Miners, Enginemen’s and Surfacemen’s Association
Cannocks Quay Shipwrights Association
Cap Manufacturers Mutual Association
Card Dressers Society
Card Setting Machine Tenters Society
Cardiff International Tailors, Machinists and Pressers Trade Union
Cardiff Sailmakers Association
Cardiff Sailmakers Society
Cardiff Sailmakers Society
Cardiff Shipwrights Association
Cardiff, Newport and Barry Smiths’ Hammermen’s Society
Cardroom Association of Great Britain
Cardroom Operatives Association of the Northern District
Carlton Hand Framework Knitters Union
Carnoustie Factory Workers Union
Carpet and Linoleum Planners and Fitters Union of Manchester
Carpet Linoleum and Rubber Planners and Fitters Union of Manchester
Carpet Planners of the City of Dublin Trade Union
Carpet Weavers and Other Operatives in the Employment of William Wilson and Son, Bannockburn
Carpet Weavers Friendly Society
Carriage Straighteners Society (Nottingham)
Carriage Straighteners Society (Nottingham)
Cast Iron Hollow-Ware Moulders Trade Society
Cast Iron Hollow-Ware Tinners Friendly and Trade Society
Cast Iron Hollow-Ware Turners Association
Central Iron Dressers Association of Scotland
Central Ironmoulders Association of Scotland
Central Maker-up Society (Manchester)
Central Packers Society (Manchester)
Central Warehousemens Society (Manchester)
Ceramic and Allied Trades Union
Chadderton Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Chain Makers and Strikers Association
Chain Makers Providential Association
Chatham Hammermen’s Association
Chatham Sailmakers Society
Chemical and Copper Workers’ Union
Chemical Workers Union
Chemical, Copper and General Workers’ Union
Cherry Tree Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Cheshire United Chemical Labour Union
Chesterfield and District Potters Trade Society
Chesterfield Working Men’s Unionist Association
Chilton Mill Mat and Matting Trade Union
China and Earthenware Decorators’ Union (Hanley)
China and Earthenware Gilders Union
China and Earthenware Turners Society
China Potters Federation
Chorley and District Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Chorley and District Branch Textile Warehousemens Association
Chorley and District Power Loom Overlookers Association
Chorley and District Warpdressers Association
Chorley and District Weavers, Winders, Warpers and Reelers Association
Chorley and Neighbourhood Cotton Spinners
Chorley Cardroom Operatives Association
Chorley Clothlookers and Warehousemens Association
Chorley Weavers Association
Chowbent Colliery Enginemen’s Association
Church and Oswaldtwistle Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Church and Oswaldtwistle Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Church and Oswaldtwistle Power Loom Overlookers Association
Church and Oswaldtwistle Weavers, Winders and Warpers Association
Circular Frame Work Knitters Society (Leicester)
Circular Framework Knitters Society
City of Coventry Weavers Protection Union for Trade and Burial
City of Glasgow Rope and Twine Spinners and Hemp Dressers Union
City of Liverpool Farriers Society
City of Liverpool Horse Shoers Friendly Society
City of Liverpool Society of Foremen Tailors
City of London Jewish Tailors Benefit Society
City of Norwich United Wire Netting Weavers Union
City Tailoresses Trade Union
Clackmannan Miners Association
Clayton and Harwood Society of Beamers, Twisters and Drawers
Clayton-le-Moors Amalgamated Society of Twisters and Drawers
Clayton-le-Moors Power Loom Overlookers Association
Clayton-le-Moors Weavers Association
Cleckheaton Card Dressers Society
Cleland Miners Association
Cleveland Blastfurnacemen’s Association
Cleveland Drillers and Hole Cutters Society
Cleveland Miners and Quarrymen’s Association
Clitheroe and District Twisters and Drawers Association
Clitheroe and District Weavers, Warpers and Winders Protection Association
Clitheroe Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Clitheroe Power Loom Overlookers Association
Clitheroe Textile Warehousemens Association
Clitheroe Weavers, Winders and Warpers Association
Cloth Passers and Winding Master Trade Society
Cloth Pressers Society
Clothiers Beneficial and Provident Soceties
Clothiers Benevolent Society
Clothiers Cutters Benefit Society
Clothiers Loyal and Friendly Society
Clothiers Society
Clothiers Union Society
Clothlookers No 1Society (Manchester)
Clothworkers Society
Clothworkers Trade Union
Cloughfold Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Clyde Federated Ship Riggers Association (Glasgow)
Clyde Federated Ship Riggers Association (Greenock)
Clyde Valley Weavers General Association
Coal Miners of the West Riding of Yorkshire
Coal Miners’ Union
Coal Ville and District Miners Association
Coalisland Flax Workers Union
Coatbridge Miners Association .
Coldhurst Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Colliers of the United Association of Northumberland and Durham
Colne and Craven Textile Workers Association
Colne and District Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Colne and District Branch Textile Warehousemens Association
Colne and District Power Loom Overlookers Association
Colne and District Weavers, Winders and Beamers Association
Colne Weft Fork and Spring Makers Society
Combined Smiths of Great Britain and Ireland
Combmakers Society of Aberdeen
Committee of the Associated Trades
Community – the union for life
Community and District Nursing Association
Company of Weavers and Handicrafts
Confederation of Health Service Employees
Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions
Congleton Association of Trimming Weavers
Congleton Ribbon Weavers Society
Congleton Weavers and Winders Association
Card Setting Machine Tenters Society
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Communication Workers Union
Community and Youth Workers’ Union
Consett Women Workers Union
Co-operative Society of Smiths
Co-operative Tin-Plate Workers Ofwol Verhampton
Co-operative Tinplate Workers Society (London)
Coppall Miners’ Labour and Checkweighmen’s Association
Copper, Spelter and Alkali Workers’ Trade Union of Great Britain and Ireland
Cork United Trades Society
Corrugated Iron Roofers, Door Makers, Sash Makers and General Iron Workers Union
Cotton Jenny Spinners Union Society (Stockport)
Cotton Mill Managers Association
Cotton, Rayon and Allied Fibres Tape Sizers Association (Craft)
Counterpane Weavers Association
Coventry A-la-Boor Loom Society
Coventry and District Elastic Web Weavers
Coventry Factory Operatives Association
Coventry Out-of-doors Weavers Association
Coventry Ribbon Weavers Association
Coventry Watch Case Engine Turners Association
Cradley Heath and District Chain Makers Association
Cradley Heath Association of Women Working in the Chain, Nail and Spike Making Trades
Cratemakers Society
Creelers and Scavengers Association, Huddersfield
Crown Tube Works Fitting Shop Trades Society
Cuerdon Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Cumberland and Lancashire District of the National Federation of Blastfurnacemen
Cumberland County Colliery Enginemen, Boilermen, Firemen and Electrical Workers Association
Cumberland County Enginemen’s Association
Cumberland Iron Ore Miners and Kindred Trades Association
Cumberland Iron Ore Miners and Quarrymen’s Association
Cumberland Iron Ore, Enginemen, Firemen and Electrical Workers Union
Cumberland Limestone Quarrymen’s Union
Cumberland Miners Association
Curtain Lace Trade Society
Cutlery Union (Sheffield)

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