This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter D.Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.

Dairy Workers and Rural Workers’ Union
Dalry Miners Association
Dalton and District United Workmen’s Association
Darlington Builders Labourers Trade Society
Dartford and Lewisham Alliance of House Painters and Decorators Trade Societies
Darwen Amalgamated Textile Warehousemen’s Association
Darwen and District Power Loom Overlookers Provident Association
Darwen and District Tape Sizers Protective Society
Darwen Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Darwen Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Darwen Weavers Association
Darwen Weavers, Winders and Warpers Association
Den Miners Association
Denbighshire and Flintshire Miners Association
Denton Silk Hat Trimmers and Stitchers Union
Deptford and Lewisham Alliance of House Painters and Decorators Trade Society
Derby and Burton Brass Founders and Finishers Society
Derby and Derbyshire Dyers, Bleachers, Scourers, Trimmers and Auxiliary Workers Association
Derby and District Farriers Society
Derby and District Society of Builders’ Labourers Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Enginemen and Firemen’s Trade Union
Derby and Nottingham United Surgical Elastic Bandage Makers Society
Derby Cabinet Makers Trade Society
Derby Elastic Web Weavers Society
Derby Power Loom Overlookers Association
Derby Silk Throwsters Society
Derby Trimmers, Dyers and Auxiliary Workers Association
Derby, Burton and Coventry Brass Founders, Turners, Fitters, Electrical and General Brass Finishers and Coppersmiths Society
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Enginemen’s and Firemen’s Union
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Miners Association
Derbyshire Colliery Mechanics Association
Derbyshire Enginemen’s and Firemen’s Union
Derbyshire Group Staff Union
Derbyshire Miners Association
Derbyshire United Engine Drivers Association
Devonport Dockyard Sailmakers Association
Devonport Dockyard Sailmakers Union Benefit
Devonport Royal Dockyard Iron Caulkers Society
Dewsbury and Batley Cloth Dressers Association
Dewsbury and Batley Cloth Dressers Society
Dewsbury and Batley Heavy Woollen Weavers Association
Dewsbury and District Woollen Carders Association
Dewsbury Federated Builders’ Labourers Protective, Accident and Burial Society
Dewsbury Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Dewsbury Ring Spinners Association
Dewsbury, Batley and Surrounding Districts Heavy Woollen Weavers Association
Diageo Staff Association
Dingwall Operative Plasterers Trade Society
Diss United Cocoanut Fibre Mat and Matting Weavers Trade Society.
Dock, Wharf, Riverside and General Labourers Union
Dockers Union
Dockyard Ship Riggers Association
Doncaster Brass Founders and Finishers Society
Douglas Plasterers’ Labourers
Downall Green and Ashton in Makefield Hinge Makers Association
Dressers, Dyers and Finishers Trade Society ( Manchester and Salford )
Dressmakers, Milliners and Mantle Makers Society
Drillers Union ( Glasgow )
Drogheda Tailors Society
Droitwich Salt Makers, Mechanics and General Labourers’ Union
Droylsden and Gorton District Power Loom Overlookers Association
Droylsden Card and Blowing Room Operatives Association
Droylsden Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Dublin Chair Makers Trade Society
Dublin International Tailors, Machinists and Pressers Trade Union
Dublin Rope Makers Society
Dublin Silk and Poplin Weavers Trade Society
Dublin Silk and Poplin Weavers Trade Society
Dublin Silk Trade Society
Dublin Tailors Union
Dudley and District Association of Fender Operatives
Dudley Builders’ Labourers
Dudley District Miners Association
Dudley Enginemen’s Association
Dudley Iron Plate Trade Society
Dudley Port Miners Union Association
Dudley Range Knob Makers Association
Dudley Telegraph Workers Society
Dukinfield Operative Spinners Association
Dumbarton Brass Finishers Society
Dumbarton Operative Plasterers Union
Dundee and District Association of Boot Repairers and Assistants
Dundee and District Bleachfield Workers Union
Dundee and District Calender Workers Protective Association
Dundee and District Calender, Linoleum and Dye Workers Union
Dundee and District Calender, Linoleum and Dye Workers Union
Dundee and District Horsemen’s Union
Dundee and District Mill and Factory Operatives Union
Dundee and District Packing Case Makers Trade Union
Dundee and District Power Loom Tenters Association
Dundee and District Sail and Cover Makers Society
Dundee and District Society of Sheet Metal Workers, Gasfitters and Braziers
Dundee and District Union of Jute and Flax Workers
Dundee and District Union of Lathers and Lath Splitters
Dundee Bonnetmakers
Dundee Calender Employees Association
Dundee Hand Framework Knitters Union
Dundee Hand-Sewn Boot and Shoe Makers
Dundee Jute and Flax Stowers Association
Dundee Operative Brass Founders and Finishers Association
Dundee Operative Glaziers Society
Dundee Operative Plasterers Union
Dundee Operative Tailors Sick and Funeral Society
Dundee Pilots Association
Dundee Power Loom Tenters and Under-Tenters Society
Dundee Ropemakers Union
Dundee Saw Millers Trade Union
Dundee Slaters Trade Society
Dundee Stonemasons Union
Dundee Textile Workers Union
Dundee Union of Upholsterers
Dundee Wood Turners Union
Dunfermline and District Power Loom Tenters Association
Dunfermline and District Textile Workers Union
Dunfermline Operative Plasterers Union
Dunfermline Yarn Dressers Association
Dunoon Operative Plasterers Trade Society
Dunston Trimmers Society
Duntocher and Faifley Cotton Spinners Friendly Society
Durham and District Builders’ Labourers Union
Durham Cokemen and Labourers’ Union
Durham Colliery Mechanics Union
Durham County Amalgamated Society of Colliery Mechanics
Durham County Colliery Enginemen Boilerminders and Firemen’s Association
Durham County Colliery Winding Enginemen’s Mutual Aid Association
Durham Deputies Mutual Aid Association
Durham Deputy Overmen’s Mutual Aid Association
Durham Miners Association
Dysart Textile Workers Union