This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter E.Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.Movie Rings (2017)

Earby and District Twisters and Drawers Association
Earby and District Weavers Association
East and West of Scotland Association of Coopers
East Cheshire Minders Association
East Coast Trimmers and Teemers Federation
East End Cabinet Makers Association
East End Cabinet Makers Society (London)
East End Foreign House Decorators Union
East Lancashire Power Loom Weavers Friendly Association
East Lancashire Province Operative Cotton Spinners
East London Building Trade Union
East London Chairmakers and Carvers Association
East London Helpers Association (Branch No 1)
East London Operative French Polishers Society
East London Operative Tin and Iron Plate Workers Society
East London Painters Trade Union
East London Ropeworkers Union
East London Ships Painters and House Decorators Society
East London Society of Painters and Paperhangers
East London Trousers Makers
East London Union of Hammermen
East London Upholsterers Society
East London Waistcoat Makers Union
East of Scotland Brass Founders Society
East of Scotland Mill and Factory Workers Protective Association
East of Scotland Power Loom Tenters Association
East of Scotland Power Loom Weavers Association
East Wemyss Mill and Factory Workers Union
Eastern Counties Agricultural Labourers and Smallholders Union
Eastern Counties Labour Federation
Eastern Counties Society of Engineers (Grantham)
Eastleigh and District Railway Federation of Trade Union
Ebbw Vale and Sirhowy Colliery Workmen’s Union
Eccles District Plasterers’ Labourers Society
Edge Tool Cutlers Association
Edge Tool Forgers Society (Sheffield)
Edge Tool Grinders Society
Edge Tool Trade Society
Edinburgh and District Builders’ Labourers Union
Edinburgh and District Operative Lath Splitters and Lath Drivers
Edinburgh and District Packing Case Makers Society
Edinburgh and District Seed and Nursery Employees’ Association
Edinburgh and District Tramway and Carmen’s Union
Edinburgh and Leith Association of Brass Founders
Edinburgh and Leith Cab Drivers Association
Edinburgh and Leith Corkcutters Friendly Society
Edinburgh and Leith District Joiners United Trades Committee
Edinburgh and Leith Dress and Mantle Makers Union
Edinburgh and Leith House Carpenters and Joiners Association
Edinburgh and Leith Operative Joiners Mutual Benefit Society
Edinburgh and Leith Operative Tile Layers Society
Edinburgh Association Operative Plumbers Union
Edinburgh Cabinet and Chairmakers Society
Edinburgh Cabinet and Chairmakers Union
Edinburgh Carters and General Workers Union
Edinburgh Causeway-Layers Friendly Benefit Society
Edinburgh Journeymen French Polishers Society
Edinburgh Journeymen Slaters Society
Edinburgh Masons Society
Edinburgh Mosaic and Encaustic Tile Layers
Edinburgh National Association of Tailors
Edinburgh Operative Cordwainers Trade Protection and Friendly Society.
Edinburgh Operative Glaziers Society
Edinburgh Society of Journeymen Upholsterers
Edinburgh Society of Sheet Metal Workers and Gas Meter Makers
Edinburgh Society of Upholstery Sewers
Edinburgh Tramway Servants Association
Edinburgh Union
Edinburgh Union of Upholsterers
Edinburgh United Furniture Trades Committee
Edinburgh United Operative Plasterers Benefit Protection Society
Edinburgh Upholsterers Society
Edinburgh . Leith and District Packing Case Makers Trade Union
Electrical and Mechanical Instrument Makers AssociĀ­ation
Electrical Trades Union
Electrical Winders Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication and Plumbing Union
Elgin Operative Plasterers Union
Elland Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Ellesmere Port Working Men’s Association
Elton and Bury Minders and Spinners Association
Employees of Moore, Nettleford & Co. (Woolwich)
Enfield Power Loom Overlookers Association
Engine Drivers and Firemen’s United Society
Engine Drivers’ Union of South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire
Engineer Buyers and Representatives Association
Engineering Craftsmen’s Guild
Engineering Inspectors Association
Engineers, Smiths and Carpenters Association, Ilkeston and Erewash Valley Lodge
Enginemen and Firemen’s Association
Engravers to Calico Printers and Paper Stainers Trade Union
Equitable and Friendly Association of Hand Mule Spinners, Self-Actor Minders, Twiners and Rovers of Lancashire, Cheshire , Yorkshire and Derbyshire
Ermins’ Lodge of Seamen and Sea Going Firemen of The Port of Middlesborough
Excelsior Amalgamated Association of Colliery Engine Tenders
Excelsior Friendly Society of Toilet and Marseilles Quilt Weavers by PowerEagrement and District Iron Ore Miners Association
Exeter and District Sheet Metal Workers Society
Exeter and District Tin and Iron Plate Workers and Gas Meter Makers Society