This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter J. Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.

Jet and Rockingham Workmen’s Society
Jewish and International Rivetters and Finishers Trade Society
Jewish Garment Workers Federation of Great Britain
Jewish Garment Workers of London
Jewish Ladies Tailors Society
Jewish Master Tailors Benefit Association
Jewish Mutual Boot Finishers and Lasters Benefit and Trade Society
Jewish National Tailors, Machinists and Pressers Union
Jewish Tailoresses Union
Jewish Tailors and Tailoresses Trade Union of Great Britain and Ireland
Jewish Tailors Machinists Society
Jewish Tailors Trade Society
Jewish Tailors Union
Jewish Tailors, Machinists and Pressers Union (London E)
Jewish Vest Makers Union
Jewish Working Tailors Trade Society
Jobbing Grinders’ Provident Association
Joint Board of Inside Warehouse Workers
Jolly Weavers Friendly Society
Journeymen Brassfounders Union
Journeymen Cabinet Makers, Carvers and Wood Turners Friendly Society
Journeymen Carpet Weavers Society ( Kidderminster )
Journeymen Cotton Spinners of Manchester
Journeymen Curriers Mutual Benefit Society
Journeymen Dyers of Scotland
Journeymen Flax and Hemp Dressers Society ( Dundee )
Journeymen Furriers London Trade Union
Journeymen Hatters Fair Trade Union of Great Britain and Ireland
Journeymen Hatters Sick and Benefit Society
Journeymen Plumbers Society of Edinburgh
Journeymen Silk Hatters Fair Trade Union of Great Britain and Ireland
Journeymen Steam Engine and Machine Makers Friendly Society
Journeymen Steam Engine, Machine Makers and Millwrights Friendly Society
Journeymen Tailors Club Friendly Society
Journeymen Tailors Temperance Union of Forfar
Journeymen Woolcombers of Aberdeen
Junior Flint Glass Chimney and Bottle Makers Society
Junior Society of Weavers