This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter K. Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.

Kearsley, Clifton , Pendlebury and Pendleton Miners Association
Keighley and District Builders’ Labourers Protective, Accident and Burial Society
Keighley and District Power Loom Overlookers Society
Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill Plumbers Society .
Kent and Sussex Agricultural and General Labourers Union
Kent and Sussex Agricultural Workers Union
Kent Miners’ Association
Kettering Operative Builders Local Trade Association
Key Makers Trade Protection Society
Keymakers Trade Society (Piano and Harmonium)
Keyworth Hand Frame Hosiery Workers Society
Kidderminster and District Builders’ Labourers Protective, Accident and Burial Society
Kilkenny Cabinet Makers Trade Society
Kilmarnock and District Woollen Spinners Association
Kilmarnock and Kilmaurs Bonnet Dressers Association
Kilmarnock Miners Association
Kilmarnock Operative Plasterers Trade Society
Kindred Trades Federation of the Export Shipping Industry of Manchester
King’s Lynn Society of Brushmakers
Kirkcaldy and District Linen Dressers Union
Kirkcaldy and District Power Loom Tenters Society
Kirkcaldy Mill and Factory Workers Union
Kirkcaldy Operative Plasterers Union
Kirkham Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Kirkintilloch and District Miners Association
Kirkintilloch and Twechar Miners Association
Kirkintilloch Operative Plasterers Trade Society
Kirriemuir Factory Workers Union