National and Local Government Officers Association

This is the story of the National and Local Government Officers Association (NALGO), formerly known as the National Association of Local Government Officers.

Few trade unions can have been launched with quite such eminent support as the National Association of Local Government Officers. While others emerged from victimisation and struggle, NALGO could boast the town clerk of Liverpool as its first president, while among the ranks of its vice-presidents were Sir Homewood Crawford, solicitor to the City of London Corporation, the Earl of Derby, Neville Chamberlain and the knighted presidents of the local authority and professional institutes.

herbert blain nalgo
Sir Herbert Blain CBE, who did more than anyone to create NALGO. Born 14 May 1870, Blain joined Liverpool Corporation as a clerk in 1886, rising to Principal Traffic Assistant in the Tramways Dept. He later became Tramways Manager at West Ham, and Assistant Managing Director of London Underground Railways. He was Principal Agent for the Conservative and Unionist Party from 1924-37, and died on 16 December 1942.

Without one man, however, NALGO might never have been born. Herbert Blain, the Liverpool-born local authority clerk who would go on to manage London Underground and become principal agent for the Conservative Party in the period covering the General Strike, had first launched himself into the project of local government organisation in 1896, when he founded the Liverpool Municipal Officers’ Guild. Although there had been earlier attempts to create a body to represent local government officers, this was the first which sought to include all grades from the town clerk to the office boy.

The energetic Blain succeeded in co-opting Sir William Forwood, an eminent former mayor of the city, and E R Pickmere, the town clerk, to hold honorary positions in the guild, and set about creating a highly successful friendly society with some 1,200 members and a track record of organising ambitious social events, including such delights as an eight-day trip to Paris and day trips to Llandudno for up to 2,000 members, their friends and families.

Blain sought to export his idea to other towns, and within four years similar organisations were active in Hull , Derby , Oldham, Tunbridge Wells, Poplar, Macclesfield, Belfast and in the Midlands , where one guild covered a number of local authorities. The chance to go national came in 1902, when the struggling London Municipal Officers Association approached Blain with proposal to join forces.
Although the plan foundered on the question of subscription fees, Blain was not deterred. In 1903, he left Liverpool to become manager of the new tramways department at West Ham. Blain joined the London Municipal Officers Association and succeeded in reviving its fortunes along the lines of his earlier guild, just as it was on the point of collapse. In July 1905, Blain’s efforts led to a conference at the Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn, at which 14 representatives of local guilds and other organisations, such as the Institution of Municipal and County Engineers, agreed to create a National Association of Local Government Officers. The new body could boast some 5,000 members.

With Blain as chairman and Frank Ginn, assistant surveyor of Woodford and secretary of the Municipal Officers Association, as secretary, the new NALGO soon had a national executive up and running. Its members were from the founding guilds, plus those of West Ham, Ilford and Bradford. They were joined by representatives of the Sanitary Inspectors Association and the Urban Council Clerks’ Association.

NALGO’s federal constitution meant that much of the activity of its early years was local – and of a social nature. However, as early as 1905, Jabez Darricotte, editor of the Bolton guild journal, proposed a mutual insurance fund which would pay a small sum to the widows and families of local government officers who died in service. By 1910, this idea had been adopted nationally, leading to the creation of a Benevolent and Orphan Fund.

At Blain’s instigation, NALGO also entered into a contract with the firm of Hodgetts Ltd to endorse a magazine now to be known as The Local Government Officer and Contractor as the union’s official journal – a small but significant step towards giving NALGO’s locally focused membership a national orientation. Although neither the contract nor the journal lasted long, the principal had been established, and NALGO would continue to have a national voice.

However, the idea that NALGO was a trade union was anathema to its membership. Writing in the association’s journal in September 1910, L C Hill, its general secretary, declared: “Anything savouring of trade unionism is nausea to the local government officer and his Association.” This was not only the outcome of having a leadership drawn almost entirely from the ranks of local authority chief officers, but also the result of ordinary members’ widely held view that they were the social superiors of the sort of workers who joined unions.

By the close of the first world war, this attitude was no longer sustainable. Faced with competition for members from more militant organisations, and aware of the clamour to do more to protect their living standards, NALGO’s leadership sought ways of increasing its influence without having to become a trade union or, worse still, engage with the new Labour Party. Among the ideas mooted were a “Triple Alliance” of NALGO, the National Union of Teachers and the Poor Law Officers Association, and proposals to run NALGO parliamentary candidates.

The continued rejection of a move to trade unionism at NALGO’s conference in 1919 created a crisis. One third of the 650 members of the Hull branch joined the rival Municipal Employees Association. When new Labour councils across the country announced that in future they would employ only union members, the leaders of other branches seceded to the Workers Union. This feeling that NALGO and its leadership was too timid was particularly strong among returning servicemen, who came back from the trenches to find that the opportunities for advancement in local government that they had foregone had been taken up by the very same people who now wanted to prevent them fighting wholeheartedly for better working conditions.

At this point, and faced with the threat from many branches at NALGO’s conference on 31 January 1920 that their members would resign on mass if they continued to oppose trade unionism, the conservative leadership changed its policy. In due course, and after bitter wrangling over the precise nature of its conversion, NALGO sought a certificate from the Registrar of Friendly Societies confirming its status as a trade union, and the rot was halted. Despite a handful of defections, by the end of the year membership had risen by nearly 8,000 to 36,500.

nalgo news
NALGO News, published as a daily during the 1991 union conference in Glasgow as delegates deliberated over progress in talks with NUPE and COHSE over the creation of a new union – eventually to be known as Unison.

The obvious next step was affiliation to the Trades Union Congress, and discussion of this duly began as early as 1921. However, it would take until 1964 for affiliation to be agreed. In the meantime, NALGO continued to grow. By 1946 it was the eighth largest trade union with nearly 140,000 members. That same year, the union changed its constitution to enable it to recruit employees in other public services such as the NHS and the electricity and gas boards. Six years later, in 1952, it was renamed the National and Local Government Officers Association (though it would continue to refer to itself as NALGO).

Over the years, NALGO moved a long way from its friendly society roots. In 1970, it sanctioned its first strike, and by the 1980s would be known as a stronghold of militant public sector trade unionism. However, in common with other unions, it was badly affected by the anti-trade union laws enacted by Conservative governments in that decade, and sought strength through merger with its two biggest rivals – the National Union of Public Employees and the Confederation of Health Service Employees.

In 1993, the three unions joined forces to create Unison.

Sources and notes

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Further information
Papers of the National And Local Government Officers Association, Modern Records Centre, Warwick University (external link).

Presidents of NALGO

YearNameEmployed as...
1906-07E R PickmereTown Clerk of Liverpool
1907-24Sir Homewood CrawfordSolicitor to the City of London Corporation
1924-31Arthur P JohnsonTown Clerk of Hampstead (knighted 1932)
1931-32Sam LordBorough Treasurer of Acton
1932-33F MarsdenCity Engineer and Surveyor, Bradford
1933-34C G BrownTown Clerk of Cardiff
1934-35Dr A WotherspoonMedical Officer of Health, Stoke-on-Trent
1935-36G W CosterClerk to the West Derby Assessment Committee, Liverpool
1936-37W E LloydBorough Treasurer, Hampstead
1937-38W W ArmitagePrincipal Assistant, Water Department, Sheffield
1938-39J L HollandSecretary of Education, Northampton County Council
1939-43E J SteadCounty Surveyor, Somerset
1943-44C A W Roberts OBEManager of Walton Hospital, Liverpool
1944-45A A Garrard OBEAssistant Secretary to the Education Committee, East Ham
1945-46F H Harrod CBEDirector of Education, Coventry
1946-47D J Parry CBEClerk to Glamorgan County Council
1947-48C J Newman OBETown Clerk of Exeter
1948-49P H Harrold OBETown Clerk of Hampstead
1949-50E A S YoungAssistant Director of Education, Willesden
1950-51E L RileyEstablishment Officer, Liverpool
1951-52L BevanClerk and Steward, Hensol Castle Mental Deficiency Colony, Pontyclun, Glamorgan
1952-53W StrotherBorough Engineer and Surveyor, Bethnal Green
1953-54T NolanAccountant to the Leeds sub-area of the Yorkshire Electricity Board
1954-55L H TaylorChief Administrative Assistant in the Town Clerk’s Department, Salford
1955-56P H Harrold OBETown Clerk of Hampstead
1956-57J PepperEstablishment Officer, East Midlands Electricity Board
1957-58A E OdellDeputy Town Clerk of Poplar
1958-59A E NortropDeputy Borough Education Officer, Luton
1959-60N W BinghamChief Clerk, Children’s Department, Kent County Council
1960-61G T BeltonDeputy Clerk to Basford Rural District Council
1961-62R EvansClerk to Blackwell Rural District Council
1962-63G R Ashton MBEClerk and Chief Financial Officer to Keynsham Urban District Council
1963-64L W G HetheringtonDistrict Commercial Engineer, London Electricity Board
1964-65C A Smallman MBESenior Welfare Officer, Birmingham
1965-66S DuncanCounty Publicity Officer, Lancashire
1966-67Miss M W CurtinMatron, Moxley Hospital, Wednesbury

General Secretaries of NALGO

YearsNamePrevious career
1905-09Frank E GinnAssistant Surveyor, Woodford UDC (Honorary)
1909-43Levi Clement Hill CBEFormerly a clerk in the Borough Treasurer's department at Bolton, secretary of the Bolton Municipal Officers' Guild, and one of the Guild's delegates to NALGO's NEC from its fourth meeting in May, 1906, until his appointment.
1943-45John SimondsFrom 1912 to 1930 Secretary of the National Poor Law Officers' Association; appointed NALGO's Legal Officer, Insurance Secretary, and General Manager of Logomia when the NPLOA merged with NALGO in 1930; and promoted to Deputy General Secretary in 1936.
1945-46Haden CorserOne of the first three district secretaries appointed in 1919; promoted to Chief Organisation Officer in 1944 and Deputy General Secretary in 1945. Acting General Secretary 1945-46.
1946-57John Herbert Warren OBEA local government officer from 1911, appointed Assistant Solicitor at Birkenhead in 1933, Clerk of Newton-le-Willows Urban District Council in 1935, and Town Clerk of Slough in 1939. He was a member of NALGO's NEC from 1935 to 1946.
1957-Walter Charles AndersonFormerly Assistant Solicitor at Bootle and Deputy Town Clerk of Heywood; joined NALGO staff as assistant solicitor in 1937; was promoted to Legal Officer in succession to John Simonds in 1946; appointed Deputy General Secretary when Haden Corser retired in 1950; and succeeded John Warren as General Secretary in 1957. In 1965, Mr Anderson was elected to the General Council of the Trades Union Congress and in 1966 was appointed a member of the Royal Commission on the Civil Service.

Treasurers of NALGO

YearsNameEmployed as
1905-08W CrowtherBorough Librarian, Derby
1908-16J W ForsterBorough Accountant, Tunbridge Wells
1916-24Sam LordTreasurer, Acton Urban District Council
1924-25C H PattersonBorough Treasurer, West Ham
1925-37W E LloydBorough Treasurer, Hampstead
1937-43W H Legh-SmithCity Treasurer, Liverpool
1943-46S WhiteheadBorough Treasurer, Hammersmith
1946-52J H RobinsonCity Treasurer, Leeds
1952-61John RuscoeTreasurer of the City, Bradford
1961-B T JenningsBorough Treasurer, East Ham, later Newham

NALGO national executive council members, 1918-1966

NameFirst and last employments while in office Years in office
Before 1918, NALGO's National Executive Council was composed of representatives of all the affiliated guilds and professional societies, each of which sent one or more delegates to its meetings. Since these often changed from meeting to meeting, it is impracticable to list them. The list therefore begins in 1918, when the NEC was first elected by members in district constituencies - save that, where a member elected after 1918 regularly attended before then, the date of his first attendance is given. Key: P - President; VP - Vice President; HT - Honorary Treasurer; Tr - Trustee; HS - Honorary Solicitor
E W B AbbottDirector of Education, Maidstone1918-32; VP 1927-32
R AdamsClerical Assistant - Divisional Supervisor, Assessor's Dept, Edinburgh1939-49
W A AdkinsChief Administrative Assistant, Clerk's Dept, East Ham - Chief Clerk, Clerk's Dept, Newham1963-
E AldertonWarden, Bexley Adult Education Centre, Kent - Area Principal, Adult Education, Bexley1959-66
T AlkerTown Clerk, Liverpool, HS1959-63
H AllenSenior Clerk, Treasurer's Dept, West Riding CC1933-46
L T AllenHousing Inspector, Nottingham1965-66
H J AltounRating Officer, Hastings1936-43
L G AmabilinoAdministrative Officer, Education Dept, Isle of Wight CC1960-65
Miss M AndersonSuperintendent of Meals, Education Dept, West Ham1945-48
A AndertonSenior Accountancy Assistant, Walsall - Finance Officer, Walsall Hospital Management Committee1947-50; 1951-53; 1962-63
W F AppletonChief Public Health Inspector, Portsmouth1949-67
A G M ArchibaldChemist, City Analyst's Dept, Glasgow1921-41; Tr 1936-41; VP 1938-41
W W ArmitageBook-keeper and Collector - Principal Assistant, Water Dept, Sheffield1922-38; VP 1935-37; P 1937-38
P AshenWorks Chemist - West Midlands Gas Board1949-50
G R Ashton MBEClerk and Chief Financial Officer, Keynsham UDC1947-65; VP 1960-62; P 1962-63
A H AubertinChief Administrative Officer, Roads and Bridges Dept, East Suffolk CC1948-52
W G AugerSanitary Inspector, St Pancras1930-34
E F BaconSuperintendent, Attendance and Juvenile Welfare Dept - Assistant Education Officer, Norfolk CC1936-51
F BainbridgeCommittee Clerk - Administrative Assistant, Clerk's Dept, Durham CC1942-54
A J BakerArea Collection Supervisor, Eastern Gas Board1963-
J T BakerRate Collector - Area Officer (Rating), Lambeth1928-42; Tr 1939-41
W A N BakerChief Sanitary Inspector, Maidstone1935-44; 1947-50
S E BambridgeSenior Commercial Assistant, London Electricity Board1965-
F D BartonEngineer and Surveyor, Hammersmith1937-43
A BatleyClerk-in-Charge, Secretarial Section, Works Dept - Assistant Administrative Officer, Health Dept, Leeds1949-53
O BaxterChief Clerk, Education Dept, Middlesbrough1950-56
P F BeelsSenior Administrative Assistant, Education Dept, Middlesex CC - Chief Administrative Assistant, Education Dept, Enfield1958-59; 1960-66
Mrs K M BeeversSupervisor, Oxley Special Training Centre, Wolverhampton1966-
W R BeeversHospital Steward, Sheffield1939-49
H BeggCounty Veterainary Inspector, Lanarkshire1921-36; Tr 1922-36
G T BeltonDeputy Clerka nd Rating and Valuation Officer - Clerk of the Council, Basford RDC1944-65; VP 1958-60; P 1960-61
J BessermanSenior Assistant Solicitor - Assistant Town Clerk, Coventry1955-
L BevanClerk and Steward, Hensol Castle Mental Deficiency Colony, Glamorganshire - Hospital Secretary, Morgannwg Hospital Management Committee1941-62; VP 1950-51; P 1951-52
H BewesSenior Mains Clerk, Eastern Electricity Board1949-53
N W BinghamClerk, Education Dept - Chief Clerk, Children's Dept, Kent CC1944-; Tr 1953-57; VP 1957-59; P 1959-60
H BlizardCommittee Clerk - Principal Assistant, Town Clerk's Dept, Hendon1943-47
G H BloodDistrict Senior Clerk, Eastern Electricity Board1951-54
A BlueClerk, Scottish Gas Board1955-57; 1959-65
A G BoultonSenior Accountancy Assistant, Harrogate1929-48; Tr 1941-48
T W BottomleyAssistant Education Officer, Dewsbury1936-37
E M BourneAssistant Accountant, Hull1945-49
T D BradfordChief Cashier, Treasurer's Dept, Hampstead1948-53
T E BrierleySection Head, Treasurer's Dept, Coventry1953-65; Tr 1960-65
S H BrodieChief Divisional Clerk, Assessor's Dept, Glasgow - Establishment Officer, South-West Scotland Electricity Board1945-51
C G BrownTown Clerk, Cardiff1925-34; HS 1927-33; VP 1932-33; P 1933-34
J BrownChief Committee Clerk, Lanarkshire CC1936-48
P H BrownChief Cashier, Transport Dept, Portsmouth1946-48
R D BrownChief Clerk, Engineer's Dept, Barking1943-46
A BuchanRegistrar, Dundee1921-23, 1926-28
A H BuckelyPrincipal Administrative Assistant, Education Dept, Bolton1962-
F J BurgessSenior Assistant (Salaries and Wages), Finance Dept, North Manchester Hospital Management Committee1953-54
A S ButcherSenior Assistant (Establishments), Secretarial Dept, Eastern Electricity Board1963-65
G C V CantDeputy Town Clerk, Stoke-on-Trent1927-30; 1931-33
G CarterChief Committee Clerk, Stockport1921-30
E A ChapmanPrincipal Clerk, Education Dept, Glamorgan CC1927-30
H CharltonSenior Committee Clerk, Bolton1949-50
J ChastonDeputy Clerk - Clerk to the Council, Kettering1925-45
E C R ChinnAccountancy Assistant - Salaries Officer, Huddersfield1948-56
A ClarkChief Clerk, Engineer and Surveyer's Dept, Bolton1939-48
J H ClarkSecond Assistant (Rates), Treasurer's Dept, Wakefield1937-41
E H ClaytonSuperannuation Administrative Officer, Treasurer's Dept, Gloucestershire CC1957-
G H CliffordAssistant, North-Western Electricity Board1966-
C CooperChief Registration Clerk, Treasurer's Dept, Sheffield1920-21
R W CoppockGeneral Rent and Rates Superintendent, Nottingham1939-45
F C CorbishleyChief Clerk, Secretarial Section, Treasurer's Dept, York1945-58
H S CordenSenior Traffic Clerk, Transport Dept, Nottingham1961-
G W CosterClerk to the West Derby Assessment Committee, Liverpool1930-36; VP 1933-35; P 1935-36
E G CouldreyAdministrative Officer, Glamorgan CC1959-63
F E CoxAssistant Chief Relieving Officer - Assistant Area Welfare Officer, London County Council1936-44
Sir Homewood CrawfordCity Solicitor, London1906-24; VP 1906-08; P 1908-24
G B CredlandSalaries and Superannuation Assistant - Counter Cashier, Treasurer's Dept, Sheffield1949-53; 1954-55
R M CreedPrincipal Assistant Accountant, Croydon and Kent area, South-Eastern Electricity Board1958-
E C CroftsAccountant, Nottingham1923-27
G H CrossleyDeputy Borough Treasurer. Huddersfield1914-19
Miss M W CurtinMatron, Moxley Hospital, Wednesbury1947-; VP 1964-66; P 1966-67
J DarricotteHeadmaster - Supervisor of Schools, Bolton1907-27; VP 1924-27
J F DavidsonCounty Medical Officer of Health, Somerset CC1939-43
W DavidsonEngineer's Dept, Hull1919
E R DaviesDeputy Clerk of the Council, Berkshire CC1939-45; 1946-51; VP 1949-51
T DaviesDeputy Accountant, Bedwellty UDC1924-25
Miss E DawsonSenior Clerk, Education Dept, Leeds1938-45; 1946-49
A B DaySurveyor of Buildings. Education Dept, Nottingham1935-43
V A DayResearch Officer, Town Planning Office, Oxford1950-
E P DebenhamTown Clerk, St Albans1918-19
J M DelvesClerk of the Council, Tenterden RDC1948-49
A H DimmockChief Clerk, Treasurer's Dept, Fulham1918-25
G DixonCommercial Manager (Barrow-in-Furness) North-Western Gas Board1950-51
W O DoddDeputy Town Clerk - Town Clerk, Brighton1939-48; HS 1960
R F DonnellyInspector of Weights and Measures, Kilmarnock1945-46
Miss J A DowntonChief Librarian, Preston1948-49
N DracupAccountancy Assistant, Treasurer's Dept, Bradford1941-43
H DuckworthSectional Senior Clerk - Senior Administrative Assistant, Highways and Bridges Dept, West Riding CC1958-
A E DumbrellChief Cashier - Assistant County Treasurer, East Sussex CC1950-61
S DuncanCounty Publicity Officer, Lancashire CC1948-67; VP 1963-65; P 1965-66
F EadeCashier - Arrears Officer, South-Eastern Gas Board1958-65
A J EaglesSenior Accountancy Assistant, St Helier Group Hospital Management Committee1953-55
J W S EdmondsSecond-Class Clerk - Accountancy Officer, Port of London Authority1944-65; Tr 1957-65
G EndsorEngineering Draughtsman, Engineer's Dept, Nottingham1918-20
P W EnglishDeputy Chief - Chief Public Health Inspector, Ilford1951-63; Tr 1961-63
E G EuintonChief Assistant (Rating and Income), Treasurer's Dept, Luton1954-60; 1961-63; 1964-
C B EvansChief Clerk, Housing Management Dept, Birmingham1950-54
R EvansRating and Valuation Officer - Clerk to the Council, Blackwell RDC1945-63; VP 1959-61; P 1961-62
R L EvansFirst Class Clerk, Warwickshire CC1945-48
R M EvansChief Cost Clerk, Highways Dept, Gloucester CC1954-56
J Y FawcettChief Cashier, South Shields1941-60; Tr 1953-60
T FernleyCollector, North-Western Gas Board, Manchester Group1956-66
F R FinchPrincipal Assistant, Education Dept - Deputy Director of Education, Willesden1924-36
L R FinnimoreAdministrative Assistant, Exeter1956-57
A E FittonDistrict Public Health Inspector, Blackpool1949-62
Mrs G FranksHead Inspector of Maternal and Child Welfare, Health Dept, Sheffield1925-35
G S FraserWriter, Town Clerk's Dept, Glasgow - Town Clerk, Aberdeen1924-25; HS 1927-43
J H FraserSenior Audit Assistant, Leeds1966-
T FreemanChief Accountant, Treasurer's Dept, Manchester1927-41; Tr 1937-41
D GalbraithChief Cashier - Depute Chamberlain, Paisley1947-60; Tr 1960-61
A GallonSecretary and Chief Clerk, Engineer's Dept, Newcastle upon Tyne1948-53
J J GardnerSenior Administrative Assistant, Town Clerk's Dept, Stepney - Chief Officer, Public Control Dept, Tower Hamlets1955-57; 1959-
A S GarnettClerk-in-Charge - Supplies Officer, Engineer and Surveyor's Dept, Liverpool1946-49
A A Garrard OBEAssistant Secretary to the Education Committee, East Ham1925-30; 1934-44; VP 1941-44; P 1944-45
Miss F L GatesSchool Nurse, Reading1945-46
J E GeeChief Clerk, Health and Housing Dept - Principal Clerk, Health Dept, Lancashire CC1919-20; 1930-36
W P GilliganChief Staffing and Statistical Assistant, Treasurer's Dept, Devonshire CC1951-61
Miss E E GoodchildPersonal Secretary, Education Dept, Hampshire CC1965-
F W GoodchildDirector of Social Welfare, Ipswich1947-49
A J GouldChief Clerk of Rhondda and Pontypridd Guardians' Committee, Glamorgan CC1936-41
V GraingerSenior Clerk, Treasurer's Dept, Newcastle upon Tyne1932-41
R S GrayAdministrative Assistant, Treasurer's Dept - Town Clerk's Dept, Norwich1952-
G R GreenwaySenior Clerk, Stapleton Gasworks, Bristol1963
Miss C GreedusClerk, Electricity Dept, Walthamstow1947-48
Miss M G G GregoryBranch Librarian, Sheffield1956-65
D L GriffithsTown Clerk, Aldershot1927-45
Miss A GuestBorough Librarian, Barnsley1951-56
H C T HailesChief Clerk, Roads and Bridges Dept, Dorset CC1959-
D L HarbottleTown Clerk, Blackpool1918-19
W D HarrisChief Costing Assistant, Treasurer's Dept, Southend-on-Sea1966-
W J HarrisAdministrative Officer, Health Dept, Glamorgan CC1951-59
F H Harrod CBEDirector of Education, Coventry1939-46; VP 1943-45; P 1945-46
P H Harrold OBETown Clerk, Hampstead1932-58; HS 1932-56; VP 1946-48; P 1948-49 and 1955-56
Dr Irene C HastilowDeputy Medical Officer of Health, Rowley Regis1948-49
R F HendersonCommercial Clerk - Assistant (Commercial Clerical), Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board1951-52; 1953-55; 1955-60
B W HeptinstallSenior Clerk, Bournemouth and Poole Electricity Supply Co1948-49
A H HeronClerk, County Clerk's Dept, Durham CC1956-
R E HeronChief Clerk, Education Dept - Deputy Director of Education, Sunderland1936-50
L W G HetheringtonSuperintendent, Electricity Consumers, Wimbledon - District Commercial Engineer, London Electricity Board, SW Sub-area1948- , VP 1961-63; P 1963-64
A B HillChief Clerk, Children's Dept, Brighton1966-
R W E HillAdministrative Assistant - Senior Administrative Assistant, Health Dept, Surrey CC1957-
J L HollandSecretary for Education, Northampton CC1936-44; VP 1936-38; P 1938-39
C C HoltChief Clerk and Cashier, North-Eastern Gas Board1963-
G HorscroftChief Clerk/Labour Officer, Southwark 'A' Power Station, British Electricity Authority1949-50
J HorsfallDistrict Inspector of Weights and Measures, Wolverhampton1960-66
W E HudsonDistrict Clerk (Dagenham), Essex Education Committee1938-44
S A HughesPrincipal Clerk, Lewisham1944-45
M HumphreyClerk and Solicitor, Felixstowe1920-30
Miss D HumphreysNon-Medical Supervisor of Midwives, Leeds1952-54
N HurdRating Officer, Manchester1950-54
A F HuttLibrarian, College of Technology, Manchester1948-49
T J HuttonChief Assistant, Town Clerk's Office, Marylebone - Assistant Town Clerk, Westminster1955-59; 1960-
J G IlesTown Clerk, Newport (Mon)HS 1950-66; VP 1965-
R W IleyTechnical Officer, Maintenance of Appliances and Public Lightin, Northern Gas Board, Sunderland1953-55
A M ImrieInspector of Weights and Measures, Dundee1931-34
A JackClerk, Transport Dept, Glasgow1965-
L R JenkinsChief Costs Assistant, County Surveyopr's Dept, Buckinghamshire CC1951-55; 1958-64
B T JenningsBorough Treasurer, East Ham (later Newham)HT 1961-
J G JesterDistrict Public Assistance Officer, Birmingham1948-49
H W JohnSenior Clerical Officer, Engineer's Dept, Cardiff - Establishment Officer, British Electricity Authority (South Wales Division)1944-53
Sir Arthur P Johnson(knighted 1932). Town Clerk, Hampstead1907-32; HS 1907-10; NEC Chairman 1910-32; VP 1918-24; P 1924-31
Dr G P JohnsonMedical Officer of Health, Stoke-on-Trent1919-22
R G JohnsonCity Treasurer, Sheffield1910-19; Tr 1918-27
E E JonesTechnical Assistant, Northumberland CC1965-
H JonesCommittee Clerk - Senior Administrative Assistant, Cheshire CC1963-65; 1966-
H R JonesSenior Accountancy Assistant, Wolverhampton1941-60; Tr 1953-60
K W JonesSenior Committee Clerk, Monmouthshire CC1957-
H JordanChief Assistant, Accountant's Dept, Glamorgan CC1919-23; Tr 1919-28
H JoyceSuperannuation Officer, Lincoln1943-47
J JoyceClerical Assistant - Administrative Assistant, City Engineer's Dept, Edinburgh1961-
F H JupeChief Clerk, Education Dept, Hampshire CC1951-53
H A JuryClerk - Costing Assistant, Wimbledon1939-43; 1948049
A E KayAdminstrative Assistant, Clerk's Dept, Essex CC1949-55
T J Du'B KeefeChief Costing Assistant, Surveyor's Dept, Nottinghamshire CC1954-
A E KellAssistant Chief Clerk, Electricity Dept, Bristol - Deputy Chief Clerk, South-Western Electricity Board, Bristol and North Somerset Sub-Area1948-49
W KenyonChief Administrative Assistant, Parks and Gardens Department, Liverpool196-62
J A KershawPrincipal Officer, City Treasurer, Bradford1965
A F KidsonTown Clerk, FolkestoneHS, 1910-29
G A KnowlesChief Food Inspector, Sheffield1956-66
L G LambeAccounts Assistant, Education Dept, Croydon1948-49
G LawsonChief Clerk, Sanitary Dept, Edinburgh1934-35
W Chambers LeeteTown Clerk, Kensington1913-20
W H Legh-SmithCity Treasurer, LiverpoolHT 1937-43
Mrs L E LewisSection Clerk in charge of Branch Clinic, Health Dept, Ipswich1953-56
T W LewisAssistant Overseer, Barry1918-19; 1923-24
J LewthwaiteAssistant Overseer, Leeds1921-22
G LlewellynChief Clerk, Treasurer's Dept, Monmouthshire CC1930-51; Tr 1941-51
W E LloydBorough Treasurer, HampsteadHT 1925-37; VP 1934-36; P 1936-37
H LongPublic Health Inspector, Leeds1960-67
S LordTreasurer, Acton UDC - Acton Borough1910-54; HT 1918-24; Tr 1927-39; VP 1924-31; P 1931-32; Chairman, Logomia 1933-54
F B LuntTown Clerk's Dept, Liverpool1925-31
C F LythallChief Clerk, Surveyor's Dept, Leicester1910-19
M O McAuliffeAssistant Secretary, Bristol Education Committee1921-35
J B McCannFirst Class (A) Assistant, Public Health Dept - Senior Assistant, Clerk of the Council's Department, London County Council1947-58
J M McElroyGeneral Manager, Tramways Dept, Manchester1914-18
K J McFadyenSenior Audit Assistant, Treasurer's Dept, West Sussex CC1965-
R McGillCounty Clerk, Moray and Nairn CCHS 1943-49
N McLeanClerk - Supervisor, Citay Chamberlain's Dept - Assistant City Collector, Glasgow1949-
T E MadiganDeputy Superintendent Registrar, Plymouth1961
F MagillAssistant Secretary/Accountant, Estates Dept, Birmingham1964-
F R MannDivisional Officer for Education, West Riding CC1945-46
F MarsdenDeputy City Engineer and Surveyor, Bradford1909-33; VP 1922-32; P 1932-33
G C MartinIncome Tax Officer, City Treasurer's Dept, Birmingham1948-49
T W MaslenAudit Assistant, Coventry1945-48
E H MasonAssistant Traffic Superintendent - Deputy General Manager and Traffic Superintendent, Transport Dept, Manchester1937-48
H MatherChief Cashier - Assistant Accountant, Waterworks Dept, Manchester1950-56
W A MayneLandscape Gardener, Basildon New Town1965-
J A MeekSenior Assistant (Administration), Town Clerk's Dept - Education Dept, Liverpool1963-
F V MerrimanChief Education Officer, Reading1935-39
J F MillerCounty Clerk, Dunbarton CCHS 1964-
J M MillerChief Legal Assistant, Ayr CC1964-
A B MillsDirector of Education, Swinton and Pendlebury1941-43
P MitchellFirst-Class Clerk, Northumberland CC1920-24
Miss H M MonaghanBurgh Assessor and Registration Officer, Clydebank - Senior Assistant, Assessor's Dept, Dunbarton CC1951-59; 1960-65
J E MorganGroup Secretary, West Wiltshire Hospital Management Committee1961-
P D MorganClerk, Education Dept, Birmingham1963; 1965-
R MorganDeputy Group Secretary, Dartford Hospital Management Committee1954-66; Tr 1965-66
H MorrisChief Clerk for Higher Education, Swansea1935-36
Sir G Parker MorrisTown Clerk, WestminsterHS 1929-32
J W MossEducation Secretary, Wycombe - Divisional Education Officer, Buckingham CC1945-50
R A Reay NadinTown Clerk, Sutton Coldfield1909-19
W K NattrassDistrict Inspector of Weights and Measures, Dorset CC1954-59
C J NewmanTown Clerk, Exeter1945-54; VP 1945-47; P 1947-58
T NolanClerk, Electricity Dept, Leeds - Accountant, No 4 (Leeds) Sub-Area, Yorkshire Electricity Board1935-60; Tr 1948-52; VP 1951-53; P 1953-54
H NortonAssistant Claims Superintendent, Transport Dept, Sheffield1943-44
A E NortropDeputy Director of Education, Luton1944- ; VP 1956-58; P 1958-59
F N NunnSuperintendent Social Welfare Officer, Portsmouth1948-49
R G OakleySenior Accountancy Assistant, Birmingham1957-63
A E OdellCommittee Clerk, Southwark - Deputy Town Clerk, Poplar1943-63; VP 1954-57; P 1957-58
A Denton OgdenChief Sanitary Inspector, Chelmsford RDC1935-47
D J OsborneDeputy Town Clerk, Barnsley1943-44
A J PackerAssistant Divisional Education Officer, Kent CC1949-53
L H PalmerSenior Records Clerk, Southern Electricity Board, Portsmouth1949-51
C B ParkinSection Head (Administration), Southern Division, Central Electricity Authority, Portsmouth1955-58
D J Parry CBESolicitor - clerk to Glamorgan CCHS 1933-50; VP 1944-46; P 1946-47
C H PattersonBorough Treasurer, West Ham1921-25; HT 1924-25
J PennyChief Clerk, City Assessor's Dept - City Assessor, Surveyor of Rating and Registration, Dundee1945-53
J PepperSenior Committee Clerk, Nottingham - Establishment Officer, East Midland Electricity Board1943-58; Tr 1948-53; VOP 1953-56; P 1956-57
Sir Tom PercivalClerk, Central Northumberland Assessment Committee1930-33; VP 1932-33
G J PhillipsSenior Public Health Inspector, Neath1963-
G W PhillipsSuperintendent, School Attendance and Bylaws Dept, Walthamstow1943-47
J P PhoenixInformation Officer, Liverpool1948-55
A PinchesChief Clerk, Electricity Accounts - Chief Rate Collector, Croydon1925-48; Tr 1941-48
W Pitt-SteeleSecretary, Aldersbrook Homes and Hospital, Wanstead1944-51
Miss F E PoleSecretary to General Manager, Transport Dept, Sheffield - Home Help Organiser, Leicester1948-
H G PopeCity Assessor, Aberdeen1923-24; 1937-39
F V PowellBorough Engineer and Surveyor, Blackburn1955-66; Tr 1963-66
W H PullingerRate Collector, Poplar1912-24
E RatcliffeChief Clerk, Education Dept, Keighley1921-25
C R M ReedSenior Internal Audit Assistant, City Treasury, Bristol1965-
R S ReeveLocal Welfare Officer - Senior Welfare Officer, Norfolk CC1956-61
J C RennieTown Clerk, AberdeenHS 1949-64
S W E RichardsClerk (Accountancy), East Midlands Gas Board (Leicester)1953-54
T F RichardsonAdministrative Assistant, Public Health Dept, Edinburh1957-58
E L RileyChief Clerk, Veterinary Dept - Establishment Officer, Liverpool1935-59; VP 1948-50; P 1950-51
R RileyDeputy Chief Public Health Inspector, Manchester1955-64
C A W Roberts OBEManager, Walton Hospital, Liverpool1930-44; VP 1939-43; P 1943-44
E RobinsDeputy Town Clerk, Leicester1939-43
C S RobinsonTown Clerk, Blackburn1936-38
J H RobinsonCity Treasurer, LeedsHT 1946-52
A R RoddickAdministrative Officer, Central Tuberculosis and Hospital Admissions Dept, Glasgow1958-59; 1963-64; 1965-
R J RoddisTown Clerk, Penrhyn1943-44
P P RosenfeldEngineering Assistant, Ilford1948-50
D Ross-JohnsonGeneral Manager, Bristol Docks1915-20
J H RothwellTown Clerk, Chesterfield1921-23
W RowlandsChief Finance Officer - Treasurer, Rhyl UDC1943-53; Tr 1951-53
L E RumseyClerk of the Council, Leicester CC1936-39
John RuscoeTreasurer of the City, BradfordHT 1952-61
H RussellChief Clerk, Gas Dept, Stockport - District Service Manager, Stockport Undertakings, North-Western Gas Board1938-53; Tr 1952-53
R H RussellEstablishment Officer, Kingston Group Hospital Management Committee - Senior Administrative Officer, SW Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board1957-58; 1959 -
P SaundersTown Clerk, Halifax1918-19
C E SavageInternal Audit Assistant, Kingston-upon-Hull1954-58
E H ScarlettCommittee Clerk, Norwich1930-36
H N SchraderChief Welfare Officer, Wolverhampton1949-57
Miss I SeillerSenior Accounts Clerk, South-Eastern Gas Board1958-59
S E ShalliceSenior Traffic Assistant - Senior Administrative Assistant, Transport Dept, Manchester1955-56; 1965-
F SharpeChief Clerk, Electricity Dept, Oldham1939-46
F W ShwwSub-Area Accountant (Mid-Sussex), South-Eastern Electricity Board1953-58
T G ShawFirst-Class Clerk, Durham CC1920-21; 1922-23
R T ShearsSenior Officer, Clerk's Dept, Devon CC - Clerk to North Devon Water Board1938-51
R A SiddonsFinance Officer, Education Dept, Leicester CC1947-48
Miss C SimmsInsurance Officer, Treasurer's Dept, Stretford1953-57; 1958-61; 1962-
J W SingletonBorough Librarian, Accrington1923-39
L G SirettSenior Accountancy Assistant, Hendon1949-53
C A Smallman MBESenior Welfare Officer, Birmingham1949- ; VP 1962-64; P 1964-65
A SmithChief Statistical Officer - Chief Administrative Officer, Treasurer's Dept, Sheffield1948-55
H W SmithSenior Clerk, Kent CC1939-39
T E SmithDistrict Rating Officer, Birmingham1954-55
R E SopwithSenior Inspector of Schools, Sheffield1937-39
T SpenceRating Clerk - Deputy County Collector, Dunbarton CC1939-45; 1952-63
Miss I StansfieldAdministrative Officer, Education Dept, Manchester1935-45
E J SteadCounty Surveyor, Somerset CC1935-43; VP 1937-39; P 1939-43
A Lindsay StewartDeputy Town Clerk, Edinburgh1959-61
T StewartChief Accountant, Inverness CC1948-52; 1953-55
G A StoneLocal Taxation Officer - Controller and Licence Officer, Worcester CC1933-41
J H StoneAssistant Overseer and Collector, Newcastle upon Tyne1925-32
A L StrachanSchoomaster, Plymouth1910-27
H R L StrawbridgeDistribution Engineer, Tendring Hundred Waterworks Co1960-66
W StrotherBorough Engineer and Surveyor, Bethnal Green1941-60; VP 1951-52; P 1952-53
H SutherlandMeter Reading Section, Scottish Gas Board1965-
H TaylorDeputy Town Clerk, Stoke-on-Trent1936-45
L H TaylorFirst Committee Clerk - Chief Administrative Assistant, Town Clerk's Dept, Salford1937-56; VP 1952-54; P 1954-55
F B TempestChief Internal Auditor, West Bromwich1947-48
A Harrison ThomasCourt of Passage, Liverpool1906-23
D F ThorneChief Clerk and Accountant, City Engineer's Dept, Cardiff1919-20
W ThrelfallChief Librarian, Stretford1943-46
Miss M TownsonAssistant-in-Charge, Welfare and Records, Passenger Transport Dept, Liverpool1948-63
R G TrollopeChief Clerk, Parks Dept, Swansea1950-57
Dr G Clark TrotterMedical Officer of Health, Paisley1918-19
J H TyrrellDeputy Public Assistant Officer, Lancashire CC1938-48
J S UnderwoodChief Internal Audit Clerk, Blackpool1943-50
E J VarleyChief Clerk, Education Dept, Gateshead1954- ; Tr 1965- ; VP 1966-
Miss F M A VaughanSuperintendent Radiographer, Accident and Orthopaedic X-Ray Dept, The London Hospital1963-
W E VeaseyBorough Treasurer, West Bromwich1943-47
J W VinceClerk, Education Committee, Durham CC1935-42
Capt W J WadeSuperintendent of Markets, Manchester1908-22; Tr 1919-21
T S WailesChief Revenue Assistant, Treasurer's Dept, Darlington1960-64
A WalkerCity Assessor, GlasgowHS 1920-25
R E WalkerChief Clerk, Peterborough District, Eastern Electricity Board1956-57; 1960-66
R WallsCashier, Town Clerk's Office, Edinburgh1920-21; 1928-31
T WallwarkAssistant Electrical Engineer, Blackburn1919-20
B J WalpoleChief Clerk, Clerk's Dept, Yorkshire Ouse and Hull River Authority1949-50; 1958-65
J H WarrenClerk to the Council, Newton-in-Makerfield UDC - Town Clerk, Slough1935-46
T H WaterhouseLegal Adviser, Birmingham Regional Hospital Board1964-
A WebbReference Librarian, Brighton1932-36
R B WebbEstablishment Officer, Westminster1948-53
S C WellingtonAdministrative Clerk-in-Charge, School Health Services, West Sussex CC1947-49
W WhalleySenior Administrative Assistant, Education Dept, Lancashire CC1959-
W H WhinnerahSenior Clerk - Secretary, Highways Dept, Manchester1919-37; Tr 1928-37
G A WhiteDeputy Senior Clerk, Eastern Electricity Board, Northmet Sub-area, Chingford1949
S WhiteheadBorough Treasurer, HammersmithHT 1943-46
E G WhitneyFirst-Class Clerk, Port of London Authority1935-37
J W S WilkinsonChief Clerk, Clerk's Dept - Deputy Town Clerk, Southport1919-38
F J WillettChief Clerk, Higher Education Dept, Salford1909-37
F J WilliamsonChief Administrative Assistant, Education Dept, Swansea1962-
Rhys WilliamsDeputy Accountant, Gellygaer1939-44
L T G WilmshurstEntertainments and Publicity Manager, Southampton1963-
W WilsonChief Public Assistance Officer, Fife CC1935-37
H WinterHospital Secretary and Superintendent, Fairfield General Hospital, Bury and Rossendale Hospital Management Committee1957-
G WolfendenSectional Chief Clerk, Education Dept, West Riding CC1926-29
C A W WoodDeputy County Accountant, Staffordshire CC1924-27
Miss L H WooldridgeInspector of Health Visitors and Midwives, Staffordshire CC1935-37
L WordenDeputy Town Clerk, Smethwick - Town Cl;erk, Hendon1922-24; 1935-43
Dr A WotherspoonMedical Officer of Health, Stoke-on-Trent1930-35; VP 1933-34; P 1934-35
G D WrightActing Borough Accountant, Darlington1908-19
W J WynnPrincipal Assistant Architect, County Architect's Dept, Surrey CC1950-54
R YarwoodClerk, Water Dept, Stockport1954-58
W W YeatesDeputy City Librarian, Plymouth1949-54
L C St Leger YeendClerk to the Council, Sodbury RDC1944-48
E YoungAdministrative Assistant, Leeds (Broup B) Hospital Management Committee1950-51
E A S YoungAssistant Director of Education, Willesden1937-51; VP 1947-49; P 1949-50
J YoungAdministrative Assistant, County Clerk's Dept, Kent CC1943-47