This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter P. Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.

Packing Box Makers of Edinburgh
Packing Box Makers of Scotland , Glasgow
Padiham and District Weavers, Winders and Warpers Association
Padiham Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Padiham Branch Amalgamated Textile Warehousemens Association
Padiham Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Padiham Power Loom Overlookers Association
Painting Brushmakers Provident Society
Paisley Bricklayers Union
Paisley Operative Plasterers Trade Society
Paisley Operative Tailors Union
Paisley Slaters Trade Society
Paisley Society of Wood Turners, Sawyers and Woodcutting Machinists
Parquet Floor Layers Trade Society
Part-time Telephonists Association
Pattern Card Makers Original Trade Sick and Burial Society
Pattern Weavers Society
Pearl Combine
Pearl Federation
Pearl Section
Pelsall District Miners Association
Pemberton and District Miners Association
Pen and Pocket Blade Forgers and Smithers Protection Society
Pen and Pocketknife Cutlers Association
Pendlebury Enginemen and Boilermen’s Association
Pendlebury Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Pendleton and SaIford Cotton Operatives Society
Pendleton and SaIford Factory Operatives Union
Pendleton Power Loom Overlookers Mutual Assistance Association
Permanent Amalgamated Farriers Protection Society
Permanent Labourers Mutual Protection Association
Perseverance Cabinet Makers Association
Perseverance No.3 Society of Packers
Perseverance Packers Society ( Manchester )
Perseverance Society of Carpenters and Joiners
Perseverance Trade Society of House Painters and Decorators
Perth and District Power Loom Tenters Society
Perth Operative Brass Founders and Finishers Association
Perth Operative Plasterers Union
Perth Textile Workers Union
Peterborough District Labourers’ Union
Philanthropic Amalgamated Association of Colliery Engine Tenders
Philanthropic Society of House Carpenters and Joiner~
Philanthropic Society of Journeymen Coopers of Burton-on-Trent and Vicinity
Philanthropic Society of Journeymen Tailors
Phoenix Society of Painters (Alternatively Called Old Cave )
Photographic Cabinet Makers Society
Pianoforte Action Makers Labour Protection Union
Pianoforte Keymakers Union
Pianoforte Makers Labour Protection Union ( London )
Pianoforte Polishers Trade Society
Pianoforte Tuners Association
Pianoforte, Harmonium and American Organ Makers Union
Pickermakers Society
Pioneers Amalgamated Association of Colliery Engine Tenders
Pitmen’s Union of The Tyne and Wear
Plain and Fancy Silk Weavers Society
Plain Net Trade Society
Planet Agents’ Association
Plasterers’ and Slaters’ Labourers Association ( Liverpool No. 1)
Plasterers Friendly Society
Plattbridge Miners and Checkweigh Association
Players Trade Society
Ploughmen, Carters and Labourers’ Union ( Scotland )
Plumbers, Glaziers and Domestic Engineers Union
Plumbing Trades Union
Plush, Silk and Textile Workers Union
Plymouth , Stonehouse and Devonport Provident Society
Plymouth District Fishers and Fishworkers Association
Pocket Book and Leather Case Makers Society ( London
Pocket Knife Ancillary Workers’ Association
Pointsmen’s Mutual Aid and Sick Society
Pontypool Workingmen’s Union
Pontypridd and Rhondda Valley Assurance Agents Association
Poor Law Assistant Clerks’ Association
Poor Law Officers’ Union
Poor Law Workers’ Trade Union
Poor Man’s Friend Lodge Miners Trade Union
Port of Goole Sailors and Firemen’s Protective Association
Port of Grimsby Association of Shore Fishermen
Port of Grimsby Association of Shore Fishermen
Port of Grimsby Cod Fishermen’s Protective Society
Port of Grimsby Fishermen’s Association
Port of Grimsby Share Fishermen’s Protective Society
Port of Grimsby Trawlfishermen’s Protective Society
Port of Hull Trawlfishermen’s Association
Port of London Lock Foremen and Lockmen’s Association
Port of Milton and District Associated Ship, Barge, Yacht and Boat Builders, Mast Makers, Smiths, Joiners, Sail Makers and Sawyers Trade Union
Portadown Textile Operatives Society
Portadown Textile Workers Union
Portadown, Banbridge and District Textile Workers Trade Union
Portobello Glass Bottle Makers Trade Protection Association
Portsmouth Dockyard Hand Drillers Association
Portsmouth Dockyard Sailmakers Association
Portsmouth United Drillers Society
Post Office Clerks’ Association
Post Office Employees’ Committee
Post Office Engineering Federation
Post Office Engineering Union
Post Office Management Staff Association
Post Office Servants Federation
Post Office Telegraph and Telephone Mechanics Society
Post Office Telegraph Mechanicians Society
Post Office Telephone Sales Union
Post Office Temporary Clerks Association
Post Office Workers Union
Post Office Writers Association
Postal Inspectors Association
Postal Porters Association
Postal Telegraph Clerks Association
Postmasters Association
Postmen’s Federation
Postmen’s Union
Potters Painters Union
Potters Union
Pottery Printers Union
Power Loom and Brush Beamers Trade Society
Power Loom Brussels Carpet Weavers Trade Defence Association
Power Loom Carpet Weavers and Textile Workers Association ( Kidderminster )
Power Loom Carpet Weavers Mutual Defence and Provident Association
Power Loom Carpet Weavers Society
Power Loom Tenters Trade Union of Ireland ( Belfast )
Power Loom Weavers Association of Lancashire, Cheshire , Yorkshire and Derbyshire
Power Loom Weavers Association of North and South Lancashire
Power Loom Weavers of Great Britain and Ireland
Power Loom Yarn Dressers Trade Society Textile Operatives Society of Ireland
Practical Miners’ Association
Prescot Watch Makers Association
Pressed Glass Makers Friendly Society of Great Britain
Pressers Trade Union
Preston and District Managers, Carders and Spinning Overlookers Association
Preston and District Mill Managers Association
Preston and District Power Loom Overlookers Association
Preston and District Tape Sizers Friendly Protection and Benefit Society
Preston and District Weavers, Winders and Warpers Association
Preston Beamers, Twisters, Drawers and Machine Workers Association
Preston Branch Amalgamated Textile Warehousemens Association
Preston Card and Blowing Room and Ring Spinners Association
Preston Journeymen Mill Wrights Friendly Society
Preston Mill Managers and Overlookers Friendly Society
Preston Power Loom Weavers, Winders and Warpers Protection Society
Preston Provincial Association of Operative Cotton Spinners
Preventive Men’s Association
Preventive Officers’ Association
Preventive Staff Association
Pride of Golborne Lodge Miners Trade Union
Prince William Henry Society, Weavers Friendly Society
Print and Grey Clothlookers No.1 Society
Print Society of Block Roller and Stamp Cutters
Printers and Transferrers Trade Protection Society
Printing Clerks’ Guild
Prison Department Clerical Staff Association
Prison Officers Association
Pro Patria Ex-Servicemen’s Clerical Union
Process and General Workers’ Union
Procurators’ Fiscal Society
Professional Association of Teachers
Professional Boxers Association
Professional Flight Instructors Association
Professional Footballers and Trainers Association
Professional Footballers Association
Professional Officers Association, Contract Department, Admiralty
Professional Officers Committee
Professional Staffs Association
Professional Union of Trained Nurses
Progressive Hydraulic Packers Society
Progressive Sheet Metal Workers Society ( Coventry )
Provident Society of The Workboard Hands of the Scissors Trade
Provincial Medical and Surgical Association
Public Dental Services Association
Public Service Temporary and Unestablished Clerks Association
Public Service Workers Union
Public Services Temporary Clerks Association
Public Trustee Male Clerical Officers Society
Public Trustee Office (Staff) Society
Pupil-Teachers’ Mutual Improvement Associations