This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter R. Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.

Radcliffe (and Whitefield) Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Radcliffe and District Cotton Skein Dyers, Bleachers and Sizers Association
Radcliffe and District Dyers, Bleachers and Sizers Association
Radcliffe and District Power Loom Overlookers Society
Radcliffe Weavers Society
Radcliffe and Bingley and Little Lever Engineers and Boilermen’s Association
Radcliffe and Districtenginemen, Boilermen and Firemen’s Provident Society
Radcliffe Card Room Operatives Association
Radcliffe Colliery Enginemen and Boilermen’s Association
Radcliffe Enginemen, Boilermen and Firemen’s Provident Society
Radcliffe, Ringley and Little Leve Enginemen and Boilermen’s Association
Radio and Electronic Officers Union
Radio Officers Union
Railmen’s Minority (Vigilant) Movement
Railway and Carriers’ Servants Alliance
Railway Clerks Association of Great Britain and Ireland
Railway Dock and Marine Grades Association
Railway Employees and General Mutual Legal Aid Society
Railway Guards Universal Benefit and Friendly Society
Railway Telegraph Clerks Association
Railway United Goods and Passenger Guards, Brakesmen, Shunters, Pointsmen, Yardsmen, Signalmen, Switchmen Porters, Platelayers Amalgamated Society
Railway Workers Alliance
Railway Working Men’s Provident Benefit Society
Rainford Tobacco Pipe Makers Trade Society
Ramsbottom and District Weavers, Winders and Warpers Association
Ramsbottom Association of Beamers and Twisters
Ramsbottom Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Ramsbottom Power Loom Overlookers Association
Rawtenstall and District Twisters and Drawers Association
Rawtenstall Branch Amalgamated Textile Warehousemen’s Association
Rawtenstall Power Loom Weavers
Rawtenstall Spinners and Winders Association
Rawyards Engine Keepers Society
Razor Blade Forgers Trade Society ( Sheffield )
Razor Grinders’ Protection Society
Razor Hafters Trade Protection Society
Razor Scale Pressers Protection Society ( Sheffield and Stannington)
Razor Trade Federation
Razor Trade Forgers Protection Society
Razor Trade Forgers Society
Red Leaders Association (Glasgow)
Reddish Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Redditch Fish Hook Makers Trade Protection Society
Reliance House Painters and Decorators Trade Society
Renfrew Miners Association
Retail Chemists’ Association
Retford Builders’ Labourers Association
Rhondda District Miners Association
Rhondda House Coal Miners Association
Rhosddu Miners Association
Rhymney Colliery Workers Association
Rhymney Engineers Association
Rhymney Valley Miners Association
Ribbon Weavers Friendly Society of Derby
Ripley Amalgamated Hollow-Ware, Casters and Turners Trade Society
Ripponden Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Ripponden Self-Acting Spinners and Twiners Association
Risca Colliery Workers Association
Rishton Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Rishton Power Loom Overlookers Association
Rishton Weavers, Winders and Warpers Association
River Thames Barge Builders Association
River Thames Boat Builders Trade Union
River Thames Pier Hands Association
River Thames Ship Caulkers Society
River Thames Shipwrights Protective and Benefit Society
River Thames Shipwrights Trade Union
RMT – the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
Rochdale and District Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Rochdale and District Friendly Associated Operative Cotton Spinners and Twiners Association
Rochdale and District Operative Spinners Association
Rochdale and District Roller Coverers (Association) Society
Rochdale and District Roller Coverers Society
Rochdale and District Warp Dressers Association
Rochdale and District Warp Sizers Association
Rochdale and District Weavers, Winders, Reelers, Beamers and Doublers Association
Rochdale and District Weavers, Winders, Reelers, Beamers and Hosiery Workers Association
Rochdale and Neighbourhood Friendly Associated Self-Actor Minders Association
Rochdale Branch Amalgamated Textile Warehousemens Association
Rochdale Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Mill Warpers
Rochdale Cabinet Makers Trade Society
Rochdale Carpet Weavers Association
Rochdale Clothlookers and Warehousemens Association
Rochdale Male and Female Card and Blowing Room and Ring Spinners Association
Rochdale Male and Female Card and Blowing Room Association
Rochdale Operative House Painters Society
Rochdale Plasterers’ Labourers
Rochdale Society of Loom Overlookers
Rochester and District Association Ship, Barge, Yacht and Boatbuilders, Mast Makers, Smiths, Joiners, Sail Makers and Sawyers Trade Union
Rope and Twine Spinners Association ( Great Britain and Ireland )
Ropemakers Friendly Society
Rope-makers of the Port of London
Ropemakers Society
Rose of Tyne Society of Drillers and Cutters
Rossendale Amalgamated Woollen Block Carpet Printers Trade Society
Rossendale and District Quarrymen’s Association
Rossendale and Yorkshire Amalgamated Woollen Block Printers Trade Society
Rossendale Enginemen and Firemen’s Association
Rossendale Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Rossendale Union of Boot, Shoe and Slipper Operatives
Rossendale Valley Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Rossendale Valley Textile Workers Union
Rossendale Weavers, Winders and Beamers Association
Rossendale Woollen Carpet Printers Association
Rotary Power Framework Knitters Society
Rotherham Builders’ Labourers Trade Society
Rotherhithe Society of Watermen
Rothesay Cotton Mill Society
Rothesay Operative Plasterers Union
Royal Dockyard Iron and Steel Shipbuilders Society
Royal Dockyard Wood Caulkers Association
Royal Gunpowder Factory Employees’ Union ( Waltham Abbey)
Royton Card Room Operatives
Royton Spinners and Self-Actor Minders Association
Rubber, Plastic and Allied Workers Union
Ruddington Hand Framework Knitters Union
Runcorn Shipwrights Association
Rundlet United Society of Coopers