This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter T. Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.

Table And Butcher Blade Smithers Association ( Sheffield )
Table And Butcher Knife Hafters Trade And Provident Society
Table And Butchers’ Blade Grinders’ Association ( Sheffield )
Tadcaster Builders’ Labourers Union
Tailoresses Branch of the Women’s Protective and Provident League, Glasgow
Tailors and Garment Workers Union
Tailors and Outfitters Assistants Mutual Association
Tailors Benefit Society
Tailors Friendly Institution
Tailors Mutual Association
Tailors Society of Sheffield
Tailors Trade Union
Tain Operative Plasterers Society
Tamworth Builders’ Labourers Union
Tea Operatives And General Labourers Association
Technical Engineers Association
Teifi Valley Flannel Weavers Union
Teston Independent Society Of Cricket Ball Makers
Textile Daymen and Cloth Pattern Makers Association
Textile Daymens Union
Textile Manufacturing Trades Federation of Bolton and Surrounding Districts
Textile Officials Association
Textile Operatives Society of Ireland ( Belfast )
Thames Steamship Workers Protection League
Thames Steamship Workers Society
Thornhill Cokemen’s Mutual Aid Society
Three Kingdoms Bricklayers Trade, Accident And Burial Society
Tillicoultry and Devonside Textile Workers Union
Timber And Deal Carriers. Carters And Sawmill Labourers Union
Tin And Sheetmillmen’s Association
Tiverton Woolcombers Friendly Society
Tobacco Mechanics Association
Tobacco Pipe Finishers Branch Of The Women’s Protective And Provident League
Tobacco Strippers Mutual Society
Tobacco Workers Hand-In-Hand Society
Tobacco Workers Mutual Assistance Society
Tobacco Workers Union
Todmorden and District Weavers and Winders Association
Todmorden Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Todmorden Branch Amalgamated Textile Warehousemens Association
Todmorden Card and Blowing Room and Ring Spinners Association
Todmorden Clothlookers and Warehousemens Association
Todmorden Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Todmorden Power Loom Overlookers Association
Todmorden, Bacup and District Weavers and Winders Association
Toilet Looking Glass Frame Makers, Fitters And Silverers Trade Protection Society
Toilet Looking Glass Frame Workers, Fitters And Silverers Trade Protection Society
Towneley Miners Association
Tracers Association
Trade Society Of Iron Foundry Labourers
Trade Society of Machine Calico Printers
Trade Union Of Carpenters And Joiners Of London (West Ham And District)
Trades Society Of The Packing Box Makers Of Scotland
Trams, Omnibus And Tube Workers (Tot)
Tramway And Omnibus Company Employees Universal Protection, Legal Aid And Provident Association
Tramway, Hackney Carriage Employees And Horsemen’s Association
Transport And General Workers Union
Transport Salaried Staff Association
Trimmers, Firemen And Foundry Labourers Union
Trowbridge and West of England Power Loom Weavers and Textile Workers Association
Trunk And Packing Case Makers (Glasgow)
Trunk And Packing Case Makers Of Scotland Trade Society ( Glasgow )
Tugboatmen’s Union
Turton Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Twine Spinners Friendly Society
Twisters and Drawers Trade Society of Glasgow and Vicinity
Tydesley And Astley Miners’ Association
Tyldesley Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Tyne And Blyth Trimmers And Teemers Association
Tyne Fishermen’s Society
Tyne Foy Boatmen’s Provident Society
Tyne Hand-In-Hand Friendly Protecting Society Of Journeymen Coopers
Tyne Steam Packet Provident Society
Tyne Watermen’s Society
Tyne, Wear And Tees Tugboatmen’s Federation
Tyneside And District Labourers Association
Tyneside And National Labour Union
Typewriter Trade And Allied Workers Association