This page lists all UK trade unions known to have existed at any stage in history whose name began with the letter W. Most have long since disappeared and many have left no records. Use this website to find out more.

Wakefield Association of Coal-Miners
Wakefield Builders’ Labourers Union
Walkenden Enginemen and Boilermen’s Association
Walley Bridge Factory Operatives Friendly Society
Wallsend and District Society of Drillers and Hole Cutters
Walsall and Bloxwich Association of Bridle Bit Forgers and Filers
Walsall and Bloxwich Forgers and Filers Protection Society
Walsall and District Amalgamated Leather Trade Union
Walsall and District Amalgamated Leather Trades Union
Walsall and District Gig Saddlers Union
Walsall Bridle Cutters Trade Protection Society
Walsall Buckle, Chain, Cart Gear and Case Hame Makers Trade Protection Society
Walsall Builders’ Labourers Society
Walsall Case Hame Makers Society
Walsall Female Harness Stitchers Trade Protection Society
Walsall Horse Collar Makers Trade Union
Walsall Lock and Key Smiths Male and Female Trade Society
Walsall New Brown Saddlers Trade Protection Society
Walsall Saddle Tree Makers and Rivetters Society
Warehousemen and Provers Trade Society
Warehousemens Philanthropic Society
Warp Dressers Association
Warp Lace Trade Society or Nottingham and District Warp Lace Trade Society
Warrington Association of File Smiths
Warrington Bricklayers’ Labourers Union
Warrington Cardroom Operatives
Warrington Coopers Society
Warrington Cotton Spinners and Piecers Association
Warrington Operative Stonemasons Society
Warrington Wire Drawers Society
Warrington Wire Weavers Association
Warwickshire Agricultural and General Workers Association
Warwickshire Agricultural Labourers Union
Warwickshire and Stafford Miners Trade Union
Watchsmiths Friendly Benefit Society (London)
Waterford Tailors Union
Waterhead Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Watermen and Lightermen’s Protection Society
Watermen and Riverside Labourers Union
Watermen, Lightermen, Tugmen and Bargemen’s Union
Watermen’s Protective Society
Watermen’s Trade Society
Waterproof Garment Makers and Machinists Trade Union
Waterproof Garment Workers Trade Union
Waterproof Trade Union
Wear Amalgamated Society of Enginemen and Firemen
Wear Boatbuilders Benevolent Society (Monkwearmouth)
Wear Drillers and Hole Cutters Society
Wear Shipwrights Benevolent Society
Wear Steam Packet Trade and Protecting Friendly Society
Weaver Watermen’s Association
Weavers and Spinners United Friendly Society
Wednesbury Builders’ Labourers
Wednesfield Spring Trap Makers Society
Welsh Artisans United Association
Welsh Ironfounders Union
West Arthurlee Cotton Mill Friendly Society
West Bromwich Builders’ Labourers Protective, Accident and Burial Society
West Bromwich Miners Association
West Bromwich, Oldbury and Tipton Brick and Tilemakers Trade Union
West Central Plumbers Association
West Cumberland Miners Association
West Cumberland Workmen’s Association
West Dereham District Union (Norfolk)
West End Foremen Tailors Society
West End House Painters and Decorators Trade Union
West End Journeymen Plumbers Society (London)
West End Society of Cabinet Makers
West London Jewish Tailors Union
West Lothian Mineworkers Union
West of England and South Wales Society of Operative Lath Renders
West of Scotland Brass Turners, Fitters and Finishers Society
West of Scotland Female Textile Workers Industrial Union
West Riding Fancy Union or West Riding Fancy Cloth Weaving Union
West Riding of Yorkshire Power Loom Weavers and Textile Workers Association
West Surrey Amalgamated Labourers Union
West Vale Operative Cotton Spinners Association
West Yorkshire Coke and By-Product Workers Mutual Aid Society
West Yorkshire Enginemen and Firemen’s Mutual Protection Association
West Yorkshire Miners (Castleford)
West Yorkshire Miners Association
Western Counties Excavators, Quarrymen and General Labourers’ Union
Western District Ladies Hand Sewn Boot and Shoe Makers
Western Union of Painters
Westminster and Pimlico Branch of the London Tailoresses Trade Union
Westminster Lodge of the North Wales Miners United Association
Wheel Wrights Operatives Union (London)
Wheelwrights and Coachmakers Operatives Union
Wheelwrights and Smiths Society
Whitworth and District Power Loom Overlookers Association
Whitworth and Facit Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Whitworth Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Whitworth Vale Power Loom Weavers Association
Wholesale Clothing Workers Union
Widnes Enginemen and Firemen’s Provident Society
Widnes, Runcorn and District Coopers Association
Wigan and District Beamers, Twisters and Drawers Association
Wigan and District Builders’ Labourers Accident and Burial Society
Wigan and District Card and Blowing Room and Ring Frame Operatives Association
Wigan and District Card and Blowing Room, Ring Spinners, Twist Makers-Up and Roller Coverers Associations
Wigan and District Card Room Operatives and Ring Spinners Association
Wigan and District Card Room Operatives, Ring Spinners and Twist Makers- up Association
Wigan and District Card, Blowing and Ring Room Workers Association
Wigan and District Carters and Lurrymen’s Association
Wigan and District Carters Association
Wigan and District Colliery Enginemen’s Provident Society
Wigan and District Enginemen, Boilermen and Brakesmen’s Provident Society
Wigan and District Labour Union
Wigan and District Plasterers’ Labourers Association
Wigan and District Power Loom Overlookers Association
Wigan and District Power Loom Weavers Association
Wigan and District Tailoresses and Kindred Trades Society
Wigan and District Textile Workers Association
Wigan and District Weavers, Winders, Beamers and Reelers Association
Wigan Brickmakers Society
Wigan Enginemen and Boilermen’s Association
Wigan Miners Association
Wigan Miners Provident Benefit Trade Society
Wigan Operative Cotton Spinners Association
Wigan Repairers Association
Wigan United Journeymen Brassfounders Society
Wigan United Journeymen Brassfounders, Turners, Fitters, Finishers and Coppersmiths Society
Wigan, Bolton and District Colliery Enginemen’s Association
Wigan, St Helens, Chorley and District Enginemen and Boilermen’s Provident Society
Wigan, St Helens, Chorley and District Enginemen, Boilermen and Brakesmen’s Provident Society
Willenhall Amalgamated Society of Lock and Key Workers
Willenhall Iron Casters Society
Willenhall Society of Iron Casters
Willenhall, Walsall and District Lock, Key, Bolt and General Hardware Burial and Trade Protection Society
Wiltshire Agricultural and General Labourers Union
Winding and General Enginemen’s and Associated Trades Society
Window Sash Glaziers Union
Winsford Saltmakers Association
Wire Card Setting Machine Tenters Society
Wire Card Setting Machine Tenters Society
Wire Drawers Association
Wishaw Miners Association
Wishaw Operative Plasterers Union
Witham Society of Brushmakers
Wolverhampton Cabinet Makers Trade Society
Wolverhampton Iron Plate Trade Society
Wolverhampton Lock and Key Smiths Death and Trade Association
Wolverhampton Operative Tin-Plate Workers Society
Wolverhampton Tin Plate Workers Society
Women Cigar Makers Protective Union
Women Workers Union
Womens Hosiery Union
Women’s Protective and Provident League
Womens Trade Society of Fancy Leather Workers
Women’s Trade Union League
Woodborough Hand Framework Knitters Union
Woodborough Three Frame Union
Wool Shear Makers, Grinders, Finishers and Benders Society (Sheffield)
Wool Sorters Association of Bradford and District
Wool Top and Noil Warehousemens Union of Bradford and District
Wool, Yarn and Warehouse Workers Union
Woolcomb Hackle and Gill Makers Society
Woolcombers Regeneration and Friendly Cooperative Society
Woollen Cloth Weavers Society
Woolwich Association of House Painters and Decorators
Woolwich Workers Union
Worsted and Woollen Warpers Association